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Customs services

We provide our clients with complete customs clearance from piece, truck, container shipments of imports and exports to complex customs cases such as regimes with economic effect (AZS PZS, certificates, import records, carnets).

You can also use our consulting services or consultations on current issues in import and export of goods. We also carry out audits of procedures in the customs agenda, which is a practical evaluation of the usual procedures for import and export of goods, aimed at identifying risks and potential savings.


    • representing clients in customs
    • issuing customs declarations for import procedures,
    • Export and TIR Carnet
    • issuing documents of origin EUR 1, T5, ATR, etc.
    • Completion of TIR, ATA carnets, CMR, CIM consignment notes and other documents presented to customs
    • Securing a customs debt for all customs procedures
    • ICS electronic imports
    • ECS Electronic Exports
    • common transit in TIR
    • transport brokerage
      (we work with a transportation company )

    We will provide you with complete statistical records

    If you trade with other EU Member States,
    make sure you comply with all statistical obligations.

    The obligation to report data for Intrastat on a regular basis (monthly statistical reporting) is imposed on all commercial companies that exceed the so-called assimilation threshold for reporting, ie CZK 8 million per calendar year, especially for sending and receiving. These reporting statistics are used to collect data on the movement of goods between EU Member States.


    • company registration at customs offices / EORI /
    • classification of goods under common customs
      Tariff / TARIC /
    • claim preferential origin
    • duty-free, refund
    • investment units in disassembled state
      under one HS heading
    • calculation of customs debt and taxes
    • Customs applications
    • customs clearance of collection trucks
    • temporary customs warehouse

In connection with Intrastat, we would like to offer the following services:

  • Processing and transmission of Intrastat statements in electronic form to the local customs authorities
  • Check value limits for dispatched and received items
  • classification of goods under the TARIC tariff heading


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